7 thoughts on “Annual Branford Yacht Club Event 24 September

  1. Hi Can you Please tell me about what time I need to be at the yacht club? Also I am willing to go out on a pleasure boat if the fishing boats are full. I need a boat with a head. LOL

    THANK YOU Sincerely Danijo McLean


  2. One of the big reasons I enjoy going to the Take a VET Fishing Events every year is because of all the wonderful conversations I have with other veterans. I want to give you guys and gals a place to continue those conversations, post TAFV (and other) photos, put together other events, put out ideas and suggestions that might help other local veterans, and possibly make new connections and form new friendships. For that purpose, I developed a group on Facebook called Connecticut Veterans. I hope you will check out the site now that it will be useful for all the local veterans.


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