Guilford Sportsmen’s Association, 13 May 2023

Take a Veteran Fishing ( and 94 of this nation’s Veterans could not have asked for a better day to fish at such a nice property. The food was outstanding as always, can’t beat a sausage egg and cheese on a hard roll first thing in the morning. The lunch was fantastic and kept on coming sandwiches, hot dogs and the favorite chicken wings. The first fish caught award went to the Osprey. The mid-morning raffle of two rods donated by Ronald Buxton was a big hit, thank you for the donation.  Bob Reinwald pulled seven names to be added to the July charter and Rich Tenore was able to select the participants for the June charter. These Charters along with the Veteran Angler Charters provide 45 additional Veterans with the opportunity to fish this year.  Thank you, Sam Mercuriano of the Guilford Sportsmen’s Association for coordinating an excellent Day with our Veterans.

3 thoughts on “Guilford Sportsmen’s Association, 13 May 2023

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